Have you ever read a book so overwhelmingly motivating and empowering that you wanted to share that book with everybody? Do you wish that you could give them that same feeling of excitement about all of the things that you have learned within it and the feeling that your new knowledge can really change your life? Well, we have! For my wife and I that book was The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. We are sharing our energy with others by offering limited copies of this book for FREE. No, really! No advertising gimmicks. We won't collect and sell your personal information to a marketing company. What is the catch? You have to READ THE BOOK, and then pass it or another copy on to somebody else (if you don't like the book we suggest donating it to your local library). To request a copy of the book send an email to giving [at] pacificsouth [dot] net. Again, we are sorry but free copies are only available while our supplies last.